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Cruise the Amazon with Aqua Expeditions

  • January 31, 2020
  • By Admin: Jeanna Kent
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This luxury cruise line, which takes you down the part of the river found in Peru, offers an intimate and ultra luxe experience – allowing its passengers to take part in adventurous excursions, while never venturing too far from comfort.


The boat, designed by Peruvian architect Jordi Puig has only 16 suites in order to accommodate just the right number of people. (This is not your average Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas – cram packed with hundreds of tourists.) The menu on the boat also bears little resemblance to the ordinary cruise ship’s. Created by Lima’s top chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffano (of the Michelin starred Malabar), the menu offers up tastes of traditional Peruvian fare, and makes use of locally sourced ingredients: heart of palm, all sorts of potatoes, the largest corn kernels you’ll ever eat. And the bananas and avocados are out of this world.


The staff are meticulously trained, memorizing every guests name by the second day (they are even there to greet you with fresh squeezed juice and smiles after every excursion.)  Though you’re in the lap of luxury, you still get to witness plenty of wildlife. The seasoned tour guides (or modern-day Mogli-esque jungle boys) some of whom actually grew up in the Amazon rainforest, have their eyes and ears ready for pink dolphins, crocodiles and giant snakes. If you’ve ever wanted to see the rainforest, this is absolutely the way to do it: on a five start boat with plenty of fresh Pisco Sours.


A friendly tip: ask your guide to take you through the Iquitos banana market. You just might be able to make a dent in the list of 31 types of bananas found in Peru.






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